Writer, export to pdf doubled in size after the odt file quit and recovered (after Draw force quit)

odt document export as pdf created a file size 1.3 MB. Changed one character and one paragraph indent, saved it.
Then Draw, force quit because it was taking a long time, opened and Recovered LO documents.
Export the odt document as pdf with same settings as before (jpeg compression 90, 300 dpi), and now the exported pdf file is 2.5 MB!
What can i do to reduce the pdf size back again?

Also, there was an Impress file open also, and its Export as pdf (jpg 70, 150 dpi) went from 2.1 MB to 2.3 MB after the Quit/Recover.

Ubuntu 18.04

I closed the odt file, and re-opened it and added a graphic and changed some text in a text box, and then Exported as pdf again, and it went back to the 1.3 MB filesize.