Writer 7.0, edit object


I upgraded to LibreOffice 7.0. In a LO Writer document I inserted an LO Draw OLE Object. I can edit the object by using the context menu option Edit.

This way of editing shows the Writer document still around the drawing-under-edit:

  • it leads for me to distraction since you see more than the drawing you want to work
  • the editing area is much smaller than when the drawing would be opened as if it would be a normal drawing from a LO Draw file
  • I prefer to have draw menu-options, toolbars etc always on exactly the same place, and not added temporarily to LO Writer for as long as I edit the object. The less change in my application apart from my own document contents the more easily I can focus.

So I am looking, but have not found, the old option, where I can have the embedded document opened in the full LO Drawing Application.

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the old option

checked now LibreOffice version 5.4.7, 6.2.8, 6.3.6, 6.4.7 and 7.0.3 (on a GNU/Linux system) and could not detect any difference in embedding a drawing object into Writer. In all versions tested the drawing shows as an embedded object (Writer page showing)and all menu structures are changed to the drawing menus.

Maybe Zoom is the tool required in this instance