Writer: Adding hyperlink affects all following paragraphs

I have a Writer document that when I add a hyperlink (email or url) to a line, ALL following paragraphs are affected; to fix this mess, I have to go through the entire document, select each of the following paragraphs and “remove the hyperlink”… this is clearly not the way it’s supposed to work.

Is there a setting or something I have to do so that the hyperlink only affects the selected word or sentence?

LO Version: Mac OS Ver: 10.15.7.
Unable to provide sample because I have gone through document and removed the rogue hyperlinks

Edit your question to explain how your document is structured, styled, formatted, … Don’t forget to mention OS name and LO version. Better, attach a sample file (edit your question and use the paperclip tool).

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Can’t reproduce that, of course, with a copy of your post, with link to this page inserted. Can you reconstruct how you achieved that rogue behavior?

I think I figured it out… I use a conversion app (The Document Converter.app) to convert from .doc or .docx and I know that the links are in the MS Word document before it is converted to .odt format… with Floris v’s comment as to how I achieved the rogue behavior made me think that it had to be caused by the conversion app

Thank you everybody… I appreciate your time and effort to help…

Spokane Dude