Writer adding indent on 'Heading' Styles in RTF

I am using LO in Linux Mint 15, Cinnamon 1.8, 32 bit. Nvidia 9600GT - Proprietry Driver 310.

I have to use RTF extensively and have not tested this in other formats (sorry). If I select text and apply say Heading 3 style. I can see the style applied perfectly, exactly as the style is set up in Style Format - without any indent.

If I save the document as RTF and reload it, there is always an indent. The amount of which depends on what style I have utilised.

My work round was to avoid using the Style and format manually, but I am wondering if this is a bug. There is definitely no indent in the Style’s settings/format. This has happened on a completely new build on a laptop with a new profile as well as my existing desktop machine.

It could easily be a bug e.g., fdo65188 or a different issue. Can you attach a test file showing the problem?

I will check the bug referenced firstly. I have found that if you set the Heading, then center the text, the effect is pronounced as the text indents (only) on re-open.

Have retested this issue in my and the problem apears fixed.