Writer and Impress Images Disappear

I continue to have the same problem: images inserted into writer or impress documents disappear without warning. The document then crashes.

I’m using the very latest version. (Version: on Windows 10.

Make certain you have enough memory, see: LO Writer on OpenSuse 42.2 - Pictures "read error" and other related questions. Lack of memory with images or large documents can produce errors. So try that first.

I’m using Draw, Version: (x64) and have maximised the available memory and this problem is still occurring for me.

The inserted images are sometimes still visible in the ‘Pages’ sidebar of Draw but don’t show on the main page, will not print and are not saved with the document. Placeholder handles will become visible if you select the area where the image is.

There is a known problem with disappearing images which is extremely dependent on the specific file being edited.

It is very rare, but if it does affect you, it often seems to happen at the exact moment an AutoRecovery save takes place.

Try switching off AutoRecovery in Tools > Options > Load/Save …

I’m using Draw, Version: (x64) and have switched off AutoRecovery and this problem is still occurring for me.

Incredibly common problem that has plagued libreoffice for years. The only solution I see is to save frequently as a PDF. Not cutting and pasting, but rather linking into libreoffice with the image saved in same directory seems to work, mostly.