LO Writer on OpenSuse 42.2 - Pictures "read error"

Hi all,

I’m currently quite frequently, if docs are getting bigger, but not reproducible, getting “read errors” for embedded pictures in frames, after opening an odt writer file.

At first, instead of the original picture an empty frame is shown, with the text “read error” and some sort of “broken” symbol aside to text. Clicking on the frame let it disappear, no further message.

*** UGLY *** about this bug is, that it can happen during a writer session, or after opening. And if it happens, the file on disk is already (!!) damaged - no chance to exit without saving !!!

As I’m the “paranoid” guy using all on SSDs and that’s why performing daily incremental backups, I haven’t had that much data loss. But it’s still painful and not really reliable.

Any ideas/hints how to narrow down this bug?
BTW where are LO bugs tracked?


The LibO Bugs are found on https://bugs.documentfoundation.org.

Have you enough memory defined for LibO? The default settings are more suitable for smaller documents, not large files with lots of images. There are a number of queries that consider memory. (TOOLS > OPTIONS > MEMORY).

If you are using SSDs have you set up consistent paths to match your changeable directories? (TOOLS > OPTIONS > PATHS)

My memory settings are: Use 190 MB, Memory for object 12MB (uncompressed memory), (hh.mm) 10 minutes and 20 objects. This copes with my larger documents with their images. If there is not enough memory, LibO will spend its time loading and reloading bits of the document and not succeeding.

Hi petermau,

thank you for answering!

Your first hints is very interesting: My settings are Use for LibreOffice (MB) = 20, Memory per object (MB) = 5.2, Remove from memory after (hh:mm) = 10:00, Number of objects = 20. Seems small, I’ll definitively increase.
But as these are cache settings, they mustn’t "destroy " a document if a graphic object is not cached anymore, or?

Reg. SSDs: There should be no changeable dirs in my case.