Writer and Impress were often stucked

These days, the Writer and Impress were often stucked, mostly when selecting text in Writer or relocating slides in Impress.

I had to reopen the documents, but problems happended again.

And the triangles besides the font and font size were invisible.

Version of LibreOffice is

Please HELP!!!

Fix all of this by uninstalling all libreoffice stuff and rebooting, and installing again. So weird~~

When I work on tables in Impress, there is long delay for the mouse clicks. The table is not that complicated and there are only 2-3 slides total. Any idea how to go around it? I am using 5.1.03.

And you know what? The scroll bar moves in the reverse direction, that’s so weird!!!
OMG, that hurts me!

If always happens with the same documents, just transfer the content in new documents and save with a different name.
Then delete the originals and rename new documents as you want.