Writer auto inserting unnecessary page break


LibreOffice Writer inserts a page break at a place where more text would fit, but due to this bug (?) there is just unused space.
I can’t click there, if I use a line break it takes me to the other page and if I write text it goes there, too.
I don’t know how to recreate the problem, but would be very happy if someone knew how to solve it.

(Edit: I want to insert the text between the actual text and the footnotes, not below the footnotes.)

Show the file, not a screenshot.

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The following lines have footnotes, and possibly there is no room for both (lines and footnotes) in the previous page.
Maybe changing Widows and Orphans (in Paragraph format) could help a bit.

Go to the Page Styles section of the Styles Deck of the Sidebar. See what page style you are using. Right click on this page style and select Modify… Go to the Footnote tab in the dialog. In the Footnote area at the top. Adjust the Space to text setting.


This worked! Thank you very much.

There are several possible parameters to fix your problem.

  • If there is really enough space for the text above the footnotes
    • The page break may be a consequence of widow/orphan management, i.e. an attempt not to set too few lines at bottom and top of pages.
      Fix: adjust the widow/orphan settings in Text Flow tab of paragraph style definition.
    • Writer tries to keep footnote anchor and text on the same page
      I don’t know which criterion is used here to decide when to add a page break. From observation, it looks like at least space for the first line of the note is needed (the rest of the note is allowed to spill over to next page). If this is not possible, the line containing the anchor is flushed to next page eventually with more lines in ordre to satisfy the orphan parameter.
  • If there is not enough space above the footnotes
    You may need to change the “geometry” of the current page style in the Footnote tab of its definition. Frequently, the factory parameters of limitless space for notes and minimum distance to text (0.1cm) are not modified. Thus, if you touch something here, you’ll increase blank space between text and notes but, aesthetically, it could improve the look of your document by better separating the notes from the text.