writer autocorrect while typing not working

Version Windows 10 all updates.
Autocorrect while typing is ON. I searched but couldn’t find any current info.
I have autocorrect set to change im to I’m, dont to don’t, etc.
But they don’t change while typing. They used to, long time user.
Is there a setting somewhere else now?
thank you in advance

Make sure that you have a document language set, if no language is set then AutoCorrect and spell check will not run. If, for example, your document language should be English (UK) then click Tools > Language > For all text > English (UK). Make this for all documents by clicking Tools > Options > Languages > Default languages for all documents and set to English (UK). Note that you should have a tick and ABC next to the language otherwise spell check won’t work (download appropriate language dictionary extension).

Your document language and the language in Autocorrect must be the same for the entries to be inserted. If, for example, your document language is English (UK) then in the menu click Tools > Autocorrect > AutoCorrect Options, select the Replace tab. In the top field, Replacements and exceptions for language, make sure that English (UK) is selected then ensure that your expected replacement is in the list. Cheers, Al

Hi, I went through what you outlined. Everything is set to English USA. Here: Tools > Language > For all text > English (USA). It won’t stay check marked. In other words. I click it and come back and look and it’s not checked. For Selection remains checked but the other two do not.
When I type this in :<=: it should change it to the less than or equal to symbol. It doesn’t.
Autocorrect will not correct anything within its list.

Having set your language for new documents to English (USA) in Tools > Options > Languages > Default languages for all documents, when you open a new document does the bar at the bottom centre say English (USA)?

If it does, then in the new document does the Autocorrect change :<=: to ≤ ?

If it does then it might be your document language not set properly. Click in your text, press Ctrl+A (select all), then click Tools > Language > For all text > English (USA). Now try the the Autocorrect change :<=: to ≤

Thank you for continuing to help.
A new document does say English (USA) at the bottom.
:<=: does not change. Doing CTRL A and then click Tools > Language > For all text > English (USA) does not put a checkmark as it does for For Selection. Should checkmarks be on all three?
Nothing changes from the autocorrect list.

Paragraph and All text don’t have checkmarks against them. Existing Replace Withs, e.g. :<=: for Autocorrect won’t happen by themselves, they need to be triggered by a space or paragraph afterwards, but you can click Tools > Autocorrect > Apply to trigger the change.

If that doesn’t work you could see if Autocorrect will work when you are in Safe Mode, click Help > Restart in Safe Mode . Try Autocorrect in a new document while in Safe Mode. If that is the only way to get it to work then you will have to consider whether you want to reset your profile. Resetting your profile will, remove all your customisations, including Autocorrect entries and words added to your dictionaries. You can archive your old settings and then gradually re-introduce the important ones but it can be time-consuming. When you restart in Safe Mode you get offered the option to Archive your user settings and to reset your profile.

Hi While I never mentioned it I was hitting the space bar afterward. I will do the safe mode and post the results here. The good news it does work in safe mode. And the even gooder news is it’s fixed. Sorry about my grammar. Everybody knows its more gooder. hahaha.
Thank you so much for helping with this. I would have never figured this out.

Your user profile is corrupted. You will probably want to reset your profile, here is more information on UserProfile. So archive profile first and then reset

Tested with Virtual Keyboard or what is called Screen Keyboard, it worked well, even without need of space or paragraph. I’m using and it’s fresh install. I think it’s getting way too worse… Now it only is triggered with paragraph?


  1. Have you gone through steps in answer and comments? If not do so
  2. If the above does not apply to your situation then please create your own question

Don’t forget to include your operating system and version and your LibreOffice version in a new question. You can copy this from Help > About LibreOffice. Cheers, Al

Please try these instructions: Checking Spelling and Grammar.

I don’t understand. How does checking spelling fix the autocorrect not working?

Problems with spellcheck and problems with autocorrect are often caused by the same: by incorrect text / input language.