Writer: Bulleted lists switches unexpected to numbered when reopening document

Hello Community,

I have af problem with bulleted lists in a eight pages long document that switches unexpected to numbered lists when I reopen the document after having closed it. Some of the lists are in one level, others are indented.

I can’t reproduce the error in another document, created from scratch. Therefore, I believe the problem is isolated to the document with the problem observed. Can someone give me some advice of how to locate the error?

I could of course rewrite the text in a new document, but the document is long as mentioned earlier and with quite a lot of formatting (typographs as well as local formatting).

I’m using LibreOffice 5.0 (Danish version) now but have experienced the problems since version 4.3 when I began editing the document.

I’m using Windows 10 (coming from 8.1)

Best regards / Med venlig hilsen

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this is just the tip of the iceberg re lists. if i cut the text from an item of a list & paste it into normal text, a new list is started which another cut & paste corrects. modifying an existing list results in unpredictable changes to boldness, justification, & font of the #s is changed to liberation serif. if i justify an item within a list, the indentation is lost, the font color changed & underlined. sorry i’ve run out of space. see next comment.

create a blank document & copy & paste the contents of a bullet & then back space. then repeat. your should end up with 2 paragraphs which can then be pasted to a new area of the original document. then create a list & move to a new list. if this works, repeat. good luck, ken