Writer/Calc template with linked address book

I have to admit I am a complete LibreOffice noob.
I am looking for a way to link an address book (e.g. CardDAV) to a Writer and/or Calc template but not to create serial letters but for individual letters every time I have to write one.

In my mind it looks like that: I have a template for a letter with my postal address, logo, phone number and some default phrases etc. and at the right place on the page there is some kind of address box for the recipient.

When I then open the template to create a new letter I click in said address box, I get some kind of search box, type the first few letters of the name e.g. “Doe” and it searches for all my contacts in my address book, I click on “John Doe” and it fills in the name and address of John Doe, Main Street 99, Doe-Village.

Is this even possible with LibreOffice?

Michael :slight_smile: