[Writer] Can I export a Master Document's contents to an .odt document?

I have what I think to be a rather complex operations manual document. Over thirty chapters, with chapters having from one to a dozen subchapters or sections.

What I have done, in order to make it easier for me to edit and understand, is to place each chapter’s subsections in its own folder, and create a master document for each chapter, allowing me to see and read the full chapter before combining it into the master document for the full manual.

What I would like is a simple way to export the contents of the master document for each chapter into a .odt file that can be then used in the full operations manual, so that if I have to do any rearranging of chapters, I can do it in the navigator pane of the operations manual, without having to drag each individual subchapter or section around as that seems like it will create the opportunity for errors.

Is there a simple way to export the contents of a master document into a pure .odt file without links to external data and retain the H1, H2 etc. f0rmatting for chapter numbers?

The simplest way to turn a Master document and all its subdocuments into a single odt file is the following:

  1. From the master document with all the links updated, go to Format → Sections.
  2. One by one, select the sections and press Remove.
  3. Go to File → Export and select ODF Text Document (.odt) as file format, select a name and Save.
  4. If you want to keep the original master document too, close it WITHOUT saving the changes.

The odt document thus created will have all the contents of the subdocuments. Some minor format adjustments may be necessary.

Thank you, works like a charm and keeps the text and headings (sections) formats!

Again Thank You!