Writer: Change all existing subscripts and superscripts

Is there a way to change all subscripts and superscripts that already exist in a document? I am finishing a dissertation, and the formatting requirements require that I resize all my subscripts and superscripts (default is 58%, I need 83%). I really don’t want to do this one by one. Any ideas?

w_whalley, I can’t get that to work. I made my (super|sub)scripts using the toolbar buttons. Find/replace for a blank string formatted to the (super|sub)script defaults (raise/lower 33% & rel. font size 58%) finds nothing. Likewise for a known (super|sub)scripted string or “.” with reg. expressions.

Update - checking the ‘Automatic’ box under Format > Position lets find/replace actually find my (sub|super)scripted characters. However, I still can’t actually replace. I’m using LibreOffice 3.4.5 on Ubuntu 10.04.

OK, it actually does work, once I upgraded to LibreOffice 3.6. It requires using regular expressions, finding “.+”, and replacing with “&”. Thanks, w_whalley!

It depends on how you did the superscript/subscript formatting. If you entered them as a link to footnotes/endnotes, you can edit the style for the footnote/endnote anchor. If you formatted them individually as superscripts or subscripts, you can search for characters with those properties and change them.

E.g. to change manually entered superscripts, open a find and replace dialog (Ctrl-H) and expand the More Options list. Choose the Format option, then the Position tab in the Text Format dialog. Choose the Superscript position and (probably) the relative font size 58% with the Automatic box checked. Set the Replace With option similarly with a different relative font size. You may have to play with these parameters and may have to do a Replace All.