Writer: Change default margins

I’m using Libreoffice Writer. Is it possible to make 1-inch margins the global default?

Is there a global default used for new styles? When I change the Default Style (F11, Page category) and manually apply other styles, they still have 2cm-borders. Same when I make the first page title page, it switches to default 2cm border.

You need to configure a Writer file the way you like it with all styles, formats and other settings. Then save this file as a template and make this template your default template.

Having done so, Writer opens always this template by default.

Additionally you can set-up other templates which you can open by selecting them specifically.

That doesn’t auto adjust the many page styles in the single style. Where are page substyles sourced from?

Am i the only one who thinks that the default margin is too big?

Depends what you’re doing. Right now I’m working on some short business letters — just a few sentences. In this case, 2cm is actually too small, and I reset it to 1.5in. Sometimes you’ll want a narrow margin to smash more stuff on the page. Other times, designers (I’m not one) will tell you that you need to allow space for the content to breathe.

Thank you so much! worked!