Writer changes equation, renders equations incorrectly.

When opening a .doc with lots of formulas, writer displays the rendered formulas incorrectly - they appear pixilated. Double clicking formula to enter equation editor renders the formula correctly. However, it is revealed (often) to be the incorrect formula. For example, I write " abs{ {-3} over {5} } ", save the document as a .doc, re-open the file and the formula in the equation editor is now " left ( {-3}over{5} right ) ".


  1. Why is Writer consistently rendering equations incorrectly upon opening a document?
  2. Why is Writer changing formulas in the equation editor?


You save your document as .doc, i.e. you request conversion from LO internal format to MS Word external format. Details are lost as a consequence of discrepancies between formats. When you reread your document, you have another conversion from external MS Word to internal LO (ODF).

All manuals warn about losses in the conversions due to semantic differences.

What happens if you save in LO native format .odt ?