Writer - "Chapter Numbering/aligned at" with "Setting/MeasUnit" as Point

Hello All,

While trying to gain finer control over my document, I changed :

  • “Tools/Options/Writer/General/Settings/measurement unit” from “inch”/“mm” to “point”

And then played around with my template without any problem until I reached :

  • “Tools/Chapter Numbering/Position/Aligned At”

That’s when I realized that I can’t increased this parameter above a certain value if the “measurement unit” is set to “point”

I downloaded 6.4.7 just in case but I am facing the same problem with this older version as well:

  • I can align the headers as far from the left margin as I wish with “measurement unit” sets as “inch” or “mm”
  • I can even save this config and reload it after changing “Measurement Unit” to “point”
  • But if i try to change “Aligned at” while “Measurement Unit” is set as “point”, i can not go over a certain value (“16.99 pt” for A4 after a clean install of 6.4.7, “17.00 pt” for A4 on my current LO

Is there anything that I am missing?

Thank you for your help,


There seems to be a bug there. I can reproduce it with

The Aligned at distance is limited to the width of the line between the margins. If you enter a larger distance, it is capped to the available width. This is as expected.

However, if you change the default measurement unit to something different from your locale, it seems the conversion function no longer works. It takes the requested distance, compares it to the maximum without converting to internal unit and, in case of overflow, returns the maximum in the default unit but pretends it is the user-selected unit.

In your case, you probably have an A4 page with default margins, which leaves 17cm for text. If you ask for 481pt (=17cm), this will be capped to 17 with pt added to the number!

You should file a bug report.

Meanwhile, here is a workaround:

There is no need to change the default unit. Revert to cm or inch, whichever is your locale.

In any box requesting a distance, you can enter any, suffixing the number with cm, mm, pt, " or in, pi. This will allow you to control very accurately your positioning but it will not be reported in your unit but in the default unit, making it tedious to correct. Note that anyway a conversion will take place between the human unit and the internal unit.

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