Writer Comments Have Faintly Printed Indicator Lines

I’m having an aggravating problem with using a comments feature in LibreOffice writer. As you may know, each comment in the right margin of the document has dashed lines that go out to a “carrot” indicator in the main body of the document. When I enable the print option “comments in the margins,” the printed comments’ dashed lines are too faint and thin to read easily.

I can’t find a way to increase the thickness of the dashed lines to make them more legible.
I’ve tried adjusting the font size within the comments, but the dashed line thickness remains fixed.

I’m printing with a black-and-white-only laser printer. The grayscale of the printed dashed lines varies according to the color of the comment. So, I can darken them a little by cycling through the colors and picking a darker one. That helps readability somewhat, but the dashed comment lines are still too thin.

I have to cycle through the colors using a clumsy trick detailed in various places, for example:

Is there an easier way to select a comments background color in the newest version of LO?

I’m running LO Version: (x64), on Win 10.

Don’t abuse tags. You’re cluttering the set and cause confusion because you are freely allowed to create new tags, adding them to the collection and leading to perplexity when others tag their own question.

Examples: singular/plural forms comment and comments, nominal/verbal forms comment and commenting, print and printing.

Sorry. I was unaware of tagging etiquette. Rarely use them. I don’t fully understand your answer because I didn’t create any new tags. Anyway, is my tag set okay now? Tried to unclutter them.

No, still the same. There is a non-documented trick with the retag procedure: once you have changed them, you must press Enter key twice to record your changes.

Okay. Thanks.