Writer constantly freezes entire computer when working with tables

I’m using LibreOffice Writer on Fedora 21:
Build ID:

The past few weeks i’ve been working on a document with many tables, most with 2-3 rows and 5-10 columns. I’m not sure what causes the freezes exactly, but it seems to always happen when i’m editing/have the cursor in a table. For example, just now it froze when trying to change the style of a table. It’s not just that LibreOffice stops responding, the entire computer freezes and i’m unable to do anything else, including switching sessions with Ctrl+Alt+F1-6.

I’ve spent a few hours a day working on it and every day my computer has frozen 3-4 times when working on this document causing me to have to restart my computer 3-4 times (and save constantly). I’m not sure how to produce it, it generally happens about 30-40 minutes in and thus far always when editing a table.

Please try resetting the user profile. https://wiki.documentfoundation.org/UserProfile

Thanks, i’ve already tried that however and it didn’t change anything, i’ve still had several freezes since then.

Try playing with graphics options in Menu/Tools/Options/LibreOffice/View.-Graphics output.

I tried disabling hardware acceleration and anti-aliasing, then clicked around inside tables for a few minutes, highlighting stuff and just moving the mouse around, and my computer froze just as before. I’m writing you now after just having restarted my computer from the last freeze.

Maybe this thread can help. LO Writer Freezing - restart required Fedora 20

Those symptoms sound similar to what happens to me (can move the mouse but keyboard is unresponsive), unfortunately it doesn’t seem like there’s a clear solution. The oldest version on the LibreOffice site is the one i’m currently using, i’ll try installing a later version and seeing if that helps.

EDIT: I just tried with 4.4.2 and had the same freeze. Just rebooted again.

Boot the PC in Safe Mode - does it still do it?

If not it is a program which starts when your PC boots interfering with LO.