Writer - Copy/Paste "Spaces" Crash !!

Hello friends

I've been having problems writing text in the writer for a long time. I need, in this case, to insert many spaces in the text (which, by chance, is not possible in the writer, which forces me to copy the space and paste character until I have the spacing I want). It turns out that after a long time doing ctrl + c and ctrl + v spaces in my text, there comes a time when the program simply hangs: the hourglass appears, and I can not do anything else in the writer, being forced to close the program (by the task manager, the program stops! responding) and open again, often losing bits that had already been typed and formatted.

Question 1: Why can not I enter the character “space” freely? (this is a real bother).

Question 2: Why does the writer crash after a while doing this?

image description

It is a very troublesome problem that makes it impossible to work on it.

Thank you

Hello friend,

could you insert the space character by hitting CTRL+SHIFT+SPACE, couldn’t you?
Changes the behaviour if altering the proceeding?

On my LibreOffice there weren’t any problems but as I noticed (screenshot) you are working on a large document. Have you imported the document from Microsoft’s DOC/DOCX format or does your document include loads of (graphic) objects?