Writer crashes just as Mailmerge begins to send the first email.

Just today, I upgraded LibreOffice to Verision: Build ID: 45e2de17089c24a1fa810c8f975a7171ba4cd432
Locale: en_US being run on Windows Vista As I have done a large number of times with previous builds, I typed a short email to send to all of our school students, parents, and patrons. A list of all of the emails was extracted out of our SIS (School Information System) which I then pasted into Calc and saved as All_Emails.ods. As normal, loaded the data sorce, LO constructed the merged file (nothing to merge as I am sending the same message to everyone), selected the appropriate field from which to send the emails (the only one), and pressed the send button. The sending dialog box came up for a few tenths of a second, then LO crashed (not the Mailmerge dialog box). If I ignored the “Save for Recovery” dialog, the Mailmerge window behind it indicates that the sending of emails was paused right before it began sending.

Moving over to the secretary’s computer running Version: Build ID: 3a87456aaa6a95c63eea1c1b3201acedf0751bd5 on Windows XP, using exactly the same files copied from the Vista machine, the system worked perfectly, and the emails were sent.

So, what could I be doing wrong?