Writer crashes when adding sections

I have several MS Word Documents that I am combining into one odt file. Each of the documents is a chapter for book. I add the chapters as sections with endnotes after each section. Every time I add a new section Writer adds hundreds of empty pages in the end. First this was ok as it was easy to delete them but now, as the file is getting bigger, Writer just crashes.

Now when I just open the file Writer starts immediately adding the empty pages (a thousand or two of them) and then it crashes even before I have done any editing with the file.

I tried to edit the file with my wife’s laptop but the same problem occurred there too. My computer runs Linux Mint 17.2, the laptop has Ubuntu (probably the latest LTS version, I am not sure).

Is there any way to prevent Writer from adding empty pages or crashing?

I tried converting the Word documents first into odt and then copy-pasting their contents in the file but that didn’t change anything. The same problem persists.

Problem solved. I used Word.