Writer crashes when exporting odt document containing 253 linked images to pdf. Is there a work around?


I could solve this problem by buying more memory for my computer, but I feel that 3Gb is enough and there should be a work around… If there is a work around, does anyone know it?

Have you adjusted the memory settings to make them as large as possible? TOOLS > OPTIONS > MEMORY > number of objects in cache etc. 253 is a very large number of images to be held in memory. The fact that you link to the images does not mean that the images are not retrieved and stored in memory. How much memory would you need to store the 253 image files? 3GB does not seem to be large enough for the type of job you are trying to do.

If I was doing a similar document I would break it up into more manageable pieces, create multiple pdf files and then use an utility to merge the pdf files. I realise this is not giving you the answer you want. Perhaps some body else has experience of a similar type of document. Peter

3Gb is not big enough if all the images have to be stored in cache during the exporting process. the only other workaround I have found to is to break the links in the images to embed them, This is very time consuming as I cannot break all the links at the same time due to the same problem, this is effectively the same as your solution Peter. I think that the software should be able to manage available memory…