Writer: create a single pages document with consecutive page numbers

I’m using LIbreOffice Writer Version: (x64) on Windows.

I want to add consecutive page numbers to a very simple document. If I add footers then add page numbers to the first page, then the second page I get pages numbered 1, 3, 5, etc.

In Print Preview, I see left and right pages, but I want only single pages.

What I see is my first page, then “blank page,” my second page, then another “blank page.” then my third page. I assume these phantom blank pages are “numbered” 2, 4, etc.

In Format > Page Style, Page layout I have “Only right” selected. If there were “single pages” available, I would select that, but there is no such option. I do not want phantom “blank pages” in my document; I want my page numbers to be consecutive.

To my thinking, my document does not have “left” and “right” pages. It just has single pages stacked one on top of each other. It may have an unnumbered First page or Title page… the second page is numbered 2, the third page is numbered 3, the fourth page number 4 and so forth.

Other than a single page document, I consider this the simplest document possible. It should be simple to format a Write document so it is presented like that.

Thanks for any assistance!

Did you try Right and left ?

From the Help:

The current page style shows both odd and even pages with left and right margins as specified.

No, I did not try “Right and left.” I do not think of my simple, sequential document as having “right and left” pages. Yes, that did work. But UGH! Rotten usability design. :confounded:

It looks like the rest of the world is out step with you, Elements of page design - Publishing and Book Design Basics - LibGuides at Michigan State University Libraries

An interesting page you link to. But… from the first line on the site: “When you open a book anywhere, you’ll see two pages: a left-hand page and a right-hand page, which face each other.”

I am not creating a book. I am creating a multi-page single-sided letter. It is fine if Writer allows for book-style double-sided documents. I just want it to be easy and obvious regarding how to format the simplest of multi-page business documents. Needing to select “Right and left” layout to accomplish this is poor UI design.

Did you understand that a single sheet of paper has two sides? When you have finished reading the first page and turn it over to continue reading, keeping the writing the same way up, it shows the left page.

If you had used the default settings, opened LibreOffice and started writing, the pages would have come out as you wanted. If you change the defaults without understanding the effects of those settings, don’t blame anything else.

I suggest downloading the Writer Guide from English documentation | LibreOffice Documentation - Your documentation for LibreOffice to gain a better understanding of how to use Writer.

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Indeed a sheet of paper has two sides. For a multi-page letter, printed only on one side of each sheet of paper, I doubt many people would consider the back side of the sheets to be “left pages” in a document. Somebody should have asked. That’s what usability testing is for: to discover how users think of tools.

You should have made a submission before it became a standard hundreds of years ago.