Writer- cursor ignores top margin

This started in 7.3
I create a new document for writer, the margin on the ruler on the write is grayed to match the top margin, but the cursor appears inside the margin and allows typing.

Was hoping 7.4.3 would fix this but, no.

When I go to Format> Page style> the top margin is shown as 0.79" and the ruler is grayed to the point.
The grayed area tracks changes in the top margin, but the cursor still ignore the top margin.

As soon as I select the print icon, the cursor jumps to where the margin ends and the problem goes away.
OS= Windows 10, latest update
This happens on two different computers, both windows 10

Here’s an image with before and after selecting print

It might be web view, try clicking View - Normal

That was the very first thing I checked, as I’ve been bit by that in the past. I even clicked on Normal to make sure (twice) even though it was highlighted, and still had the cursor inside the margin.

Tried clicking on web view and then normal and the view changed to web and back to normal, with the cursor still inside the margin.

Only thing that fixes it is clicking the print icon.

Try Safemode

Did that. Had to choose reset entire user profile before it would open a new project in normal mode with the margins being observed.


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That was View|Show Whitespace (disabled in the OP case).

See also: tdf#149486.