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So: I use a custom table layout for a script I’m writing, colour coding everything helps me with my workflow. If I add a row to the table after I handpicked the colours, it reverts back to one of the templates. Is there a better way to handle this?

I went through the automatic layout options before, but none suits what I need here. I then did it all by hand but when I add a row then it reverts to one of the autoformatting styles. Ctrl+Z doesn’t undo that either.
Where can I switch off the autoformatting? It only gives options for ‘standard’ and a whole array of others. None isn’t listed.

OS Windows 10
Save format .odt

At this stage there is not enough information to answer. Please edit your question (don’t use comment, nothing has been started yet) to better describe what you’re doing.

Does it mean you created the table using one of the so-called “table styles”? These are not styles at all, as the word is understood for paragraphs, characters and pages. They are in fact a collection of macros which are triggered by various events, like adding a row.
When these macros fire, they apply their own direct formatting, repainting the whole table and therefore deleting your own formatting.

If you have personal formatting requirements for your tables, do everything yourself, using “style” None so that no macro comes in the way.

While editing your question, mention OS name, LO version and save format.

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This means your table has been “contaminated” by the “table styles” macros in the past. These macros are very sticky. I’m afraid your only option is to create a new table from scratch. Make sure it is a brand new table (separated from the previous one by at least a paragraph – you can delete the empty paragraph once you’re done and have erased the offending table).

There are have been a lot of changes recently in this area. Here is what it looks like in

Generally, the very first option is the one with no “style” applied.

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