Writer - DDElink pasting cell from embedded spreadsheet works for the first time only

MS Windows 10 Pro x64 EN 20H2
Locale is TR
LibreOffice en-US x64 a529a4fab45b75fefc5b6226684193eb000654f6

In Writer,
- I inserted a new spreadsheet via Insert*Object*OLEobject*LibreOffice7.1spredsheet
- It doesn't matter how complex formulation in the cell(s) are, or even just a plain number, text, all, etc. type value;
- When I copy single cell to clipboard via or context menu or Edit menu way;
- While special pasting it, via context menu or Edit menu, as MoreOptions*DDElink;

It works only for the first time.
I am able to observe pasted data, dynamically updating its content if cell value in embedded spreadsheet is changed.
Within the same .odt document, AFTER saving and closing it and reopening... any (same cell or else) other/further copy-pasteSpecial-DDElink does not work, nothing happens.
Exit wo save-reopen does not make any difference.
If a new .odt is started and above steps are performed, it again, works for only the first time, but not afterwards for that .odt doc .
No problem with plain paste, but this is not what I want.

Is this a bug? Or am I doing something wrong?
Are there workarounds for this?

Edit: BTW, after save-close new .odt and re-opening it, the window below appears regardless of its previous answer all the time.

![image description](upload://4iSHsqximbY4AcD3vLOnxnjHFK3.jpeg)

More, answering it Yes/No does not help the issue. End-of-Edit

I tought to;
- Create a new .odt . Perform the above once. Copy the Contents.xml . Find the DDElink code.
- Copy and modify it into my current work .odt .
What do you say about this as a workaround?

Using Menu/Tools/Update/Update all, works, but do not update on load.
Seems there is a reported bug DDE link between two spreadsheets: updated values not saved

The problem is not updating nor whether values are saved between linked spreadsheets. It is about Writer with embedded/inserted spreadsheet. After .odt document is closed and then re-opened, DDElink pasting of a cell value from embedded sheet in Witer has no effect/result/nothing happens. This is the issue.

The linked bug file has not been updated for a while, you might want to add to it if it is causing you issues, see bugs.

Incidentally, you might want to read the bug report it has in first entry:

using relative DDE Links from calc file to writer, it doesn't auto update at reopen