Writer: Document Tags

I work with hundreds of documents in MS and i have to tag them in order to have a brief info about the document. This helps me find quickly what im searching for, without having to acces the document and read what is it about. Now i dont know how much of this is libreoffice’s deal, because making a Tags Category in linux file management and categorizing is a out of libreoffice thing. But for those that have bulks of documents to work with, tagging and searching by tags is a very useful thing.
With consideration !

According to an MS page on tags the tags added to MS Office documents are handled by the OS, not by MS Office. Sure as not, in Windows 10 you can add a Tags column to the File Explorer overview. If you want to add tags to LibreOffice, you’d have to add that functionality to Linux, OS X, and all other OS’s first to make it work.

Yep, you are right. Thats why i wrote about not knowing how much of LibreOffice deal with that. If it is a question for Linux forums than its better to kill this subject.