Writer doesn't keep formatting across PC's

Hi there,

I have started multiple Writer documents with textbox’s and when I save the documents and try to open them on another PC the formatting is all miss-aligned (The textbox’s are overlapping each other). I have tried both another Windows 10 PC and a Mac.

Any help would be great!

Is the font you’re using installed on all the computers?

Edit your question for more technical details, among which the format used to save documents (.odt or .doc(x) ?). Explain why you use text boxes which are added graphic olbjects. This may need to describe what you want to achieve (we may then suggest a better solution).

Share a sample file.

I’ve fixed it! Turns out that some of my textbox’s had different anchor positions and it was throwing everything off.

It is best if drawing objects have their own anchor points.

You can also stop them overlapping. Right-click a textbox, in the context menu select Wrap > Edit... in the dialog that opens, untick the box that says Allow overlap. Cheers, Al