Writer doesn't use vertical pitch setting in user-defined label

I bought some Avery 22830 labels, which have 9, 2-1/2-inch round labels per sheet in 3 rows and 3 columns. The labels in the middle row are centered on the page – so there is more distance from the top and bottom rows to the center row than from the top row to top-of-page, or bottom row to bottom-of-page.

Since Writer doesn’t have a template for these labels, I used “Avery Letter Size” sheet and filled out the size form. When I enter a vertical pitch that I measured on the labels, Libre Writer 3.5.7 ignores the vertical pitch and puts all 3 rows equally-spaced at the top of the page. That is, there is about 2 inches of unused space at the bottom of the page, and the center and bottom rows are mis-positioned.

How can I override this behavior and get Writer to use the vertical pitch I entered on the New - Label form?

Is it possible for you to upload (or otherwise make available - Dropbox? Google Drive?) a sample document? Also, v. 3.5.7 is a fairly old version; perhaps worth upgrading to latest and see how that works? (It might be possible to keep yoiur old version, too if you want to be cautious.)

Thank you, David. I know 3.5.7 is old, but that’s what Ubuntu has for 12.04. I have another Linux computer with Libre Office I hope to try that today or tomorrow.

I have a Dropbox account. Let me see if it still works.

The problem is corrected in version

Hurrah! :slight_smile: