Writer, drag & drop images stop stacking?

So i have a lot of images to put into order of a scrap book to make a duplicate scrap book. The scrap book was hand written, then i took pictures of it, now i’m trying to sort them in order then export as a pdf. When i drag and drop the selected pictures they automatically stack on top of each other.

I’ve tried to edit graphics so they become wrapped aligned differently before dropping but still no luck, any ideas??


Hello @jonboy79,

To unstack your pile of dropped images, you could try to set the AnchorType of each of those images to "As Character".
You could do this automatically with a macro:

Sub Unstack_Images()
REM This sets the Anchor Type of all GraphicObjects in the current document to "As Character".
	Dim oGraphicObjects As Object, i As Integer
	oGraphicObjects = ThisComponent.getGraphicObjects()
	For i = 0 To oGraphicObjects.getCount() - 1
		oGraphicObjects.getByIndex( i ).AnchorType = com.sun.star.text.TextContentAnchorType.AS_CHARACTER
End Sub