Writer Drop-Down List in PDF is Menu instead of Text. (Bug?)

In the previous 7.4 (stable) version, in writer, I used “Form > Content Control > Drop-Down List Content Control” to make self-filling parts in a document. At the end this document must be exported into a PDF file and these parts became as ordinary texts.
Now, in the 7.5 version, the exported PDF keeps these parts of the original document as menus, and even cut a little bit of their right side.
Screenshot: https://photos.app.goo.gl/SQyvFqd8zVqXoo6QA

  • Is there any way I can fix this? Or
  • Is there any alternative way to keep this easier way to fill pre-set text?
  • Any other suggestion?


  • Content controls: added a new combo box type and PDF export. blog post (Miklos Vajna, Collabora)

which points to the blog post, telling this:

Writer users can create fillable forms using content controls, but the PDF export only contained the plain text representation of them. PDF can also have fillable widgets for form filling, so it’s logical to map content controls to PDF widgets.

So if you do not need fillable forms, disable that at PDF export.


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Thank you for the life saving! It works perfectly!
PS. Yes, it was my fault. I didn’t read the release note article. :disappointed: I do what I can to it after this.