Writer, embed plain text with marked up text, .docx

Anyone know how I can embed plain text in with my marked up text in libre office writer? I am writing answers to questions in writer, marked up for easier reading of course. I also have tables, that honestly look better; to me anyway, when they are marked up in plain text.

For example, I have this:

1: (~p → q) & (p → ~q)

p q | ( ( ~ p > q ) & ( p > ~ q ) ) 
T T |     F T T T   F   T F F T     
T F |     F T T F   T   T T T F     
F T |     T F T T   T   F T F T     
F F |     T F F F   F   F T T F     

This cannot work as there is a contradiction… bla bla bla…

Ultimately this is being sent to my professor which I know a .doc, .docx format will work.

What do you mean by ‘marked-up text’ & what do you mean by ‘plain-text’ (I know what I & other folks mean by MARKUP; I’m wondering what you mean by markup that stops you from embedding text/plain in with it). Also, why no mention of LO-version nor OS?