Writer embedded font not used in headless convert to pdf

I created a writer document using libreoffice 4.1 and embedded the fonts into the writer document. I then copied it to another computer which does not have that font and did:

libreoffice --headless --convert-to pdf myfile.odt

The embedded font was not used. Is there a way to get it to use the embedded font?

did you find the answer? i have tryed to add fonts to the ~/.fonts/ directory but this didn’t work for me.

Sorry spoke to soon… add them to /usr/share/fonts/ and it will work!

libreoffice --invisible --convert-to pdf myfile.odt → seems to work.

–headless ignores the embedded fonts and i’ve also noticed that some embedded fonts don’t work at all (even if you open the document as odt normally in libreoffice)