Writer (error / prompt / notification / attention drawing / warning) message list

Dear community,

When Writer warns about something, it shows a short prompt message in a small box in the upper center part of the page with a description of an error, or what needs to be done, or what it will do because of something. All you can do is read it and close it (do not remember it having a link for details or something like that).

I opened one of my previously saved docs and got such a prompt message that the program will do or has already done something as it has found some issue (some small correction). Possibly connected with a proper or correct display of sth in the document and that sth has to be shortened (a vague visual memory of the pop-up in question). The trouble is that I almost instantly closed it and did not memorize the contents of it.

Due to this I wonder whether there is a way to get a list of all such prompt messages so that it can be searchable in case of need and looked on the Internet for more help afterwards. I could not find anything resembling such a list or like help category on the official helpsite page.

Because I do want to see that message again to analyze what had been done to the document, since something definitely had been done by Writer to the content of the document, and I do not know what exactly.

And also I do not know whether it was a display issue prompt message, or something like that, or anything else, because when I closed it and closed the document, the document did not ask me to save the changes as it would after some changes made by me in its content.

And when I reopened the document, the message did not show up like at first time. Nor could I recreate such a message with any other similar documents (made at approximately the same time period with a similar content and located in the same folder).


It is probably a warning about saving in a non-native format. Always save as .odt and, if you must, save a copy of final document as .doc(x) for sharing. Note that due to differences in structure, .doc(x) might not be able to save all the elements in your document.

Maybe it was a security warning about edditing a document from an external source (internet or e-mail). In this case, you can test by downloading it again.

Try “Print screen” button on keyboard in future and save for reference