Writer - Export to pdf keeping cross reference to reference visibility on hyperlinked word

Hello guys, thank for your kind support:
Writer - LO (x64)
Exporting to pdf, all options tested, the resulting pdf document works just fine, hyperlinked words pointing to cross references too.
However, no way to make the Hyperlink adress (original cross reference content) visible when mouse move on the hyperlinked word.
Pdf standard allow it, so it should come from LO exporting function.
Thank for addressing me on.
Ciao from Italy

You can request an enhancement but this is not the place to do that, see How to Report Bugs in LibreOffice - The Document Foundation Wiki

Frequently the information is shown in the cross-reference, in fact, in image below there is more information in the cross-reference as it is written than the Writer tooltip shows, which is same as View Field Names.


In Adobe Reader you can use Alt+LeftArrow to go to previous View if you are linked to a reference many pages away.

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Great & perfect! Thank you ErnestAl!
I’ll file it as request for improvement as adviced.