Writer: Font features dialog never shows check marks

When I change OpenType features in a font, the feature is applied, but it’s not reflected in the dialog. Every feature shows a hyphen/minus mark in the check-box rather than an empty check-box or a check mark (tick).

Version: (X86_64) / LibreOffice Community
Build ID: 50(Build:2)
CPU threads: 8; OS: Linux 6.3; UI render: default; VCL: gtk3
Locale: ga-IE (ga_IE.UTF-8); UI: ga-IE
Calc: threaded

Manjaro Linux, Cinnamon desktop, ODT format

Please edit your question (= modify it; don’t use a comment) to mention OS name and LO version. Perhaps save format is also relevant.
Works fine for me in under Fedora 38 (Linux) and KDE Plasma desktop.
Tell us also if you activate the dialog through Format>Character or within a style. In the former case, you get the state at the cursor and if no prior style is in effect, then it is normal that you have to reconfigure everything.

Well, I was interested in whether anyone had seen the same thing, but I’ll add those details.

Since you asked further questions, it doesn’t make any difference if the dialog is accessed from a style or via Format | Character.

It might be normal to have to configure things, but the dialog isn’t showing an ‘on’ or ‘off’ state for anything and some style is always in effect.

I would expect to see in the font box something like EB Garamond:hlig, not just the plain name. Is the font a variable one?

No. Writer used to show font features like that a while back, but I thought was only shown in the dialog now. I think you can still activate them using that syntax though.

I have this kind of display at bottom of the features dialog: “Liberation Serif:dlig” (in style configuration dialog). It is transferred to the Font dialog when you press OK.

The Features button is enabled only for variable fonts. So if @Moilleadoir has access to it, the font is OpenType.

The problem seems to lie in retrieving currently set attributes. Even if a word sequence is direct formatted, display is OK for me. If my selection is not exactly the same as previously, i.e. it contains extra characters which are not formatted the same, the Features button becomes ineffective even though it is not grayed out.

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I used to see that, but not any more. Even when an OpenType feature is enabled the font name stays the same.

BTW the name variable font is usually used to mean one that uses very new kinds of OpenType features, including completely custom parameters, not ordinary OT or OT-TTF fonts.

I don’t have any variable fonts installed and I don’t think LibreOffice supports them yet.

I am using the libreoffice-fresh package/branch, which I switched to a while back to get around various bugs in the libreoffice-still branch. What version are you using?

I have also tested using different system themes in case there was some simple glitch happening with the widgets in the dialog, but it makes no difference.

Since Microsoft integrated Bahnschrift it is seems necessary to be able to handle them…

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Certainly support for variable fonts has improved. Georama font displays correctly on although I haven’t checked every nuance. There was a recent question relating to Bahnschrift font not exporting to pdf correctly so there are still issues

This was a bug and it got fixed in release:



Thanks for letting us know.