Writer footer with multiple fields: different Alignments for different fields. Possible?

I was playing with Libreoffice templates for a book. I need to create a template with footer contains 2 fields. Left I want to show file name , right side I need page number. What ever style I use ( Footer left or Footer Right), both the fields are getting changed. I inserted column break between filename and page nbr, age nbr is going to next row. I want them to be on the same line . I am using libreoffice (x64). I appreciate any help. Thank you

What you need is a carefully designed paragraph style for your footer.

Go into the footer area (click in this area so that the blinking cursor appears here).

Style the footer line as Footer style (either from the drop-down menu in the toolbar or through double-click from the styles panel – which you can display with F11 ). Anyway, arrange for the styles panel to be visible (F11).

Right-click on the Footer style in the panel and choose Modify….

Got to the Tabulations (or Tabs depending on your locale) tab. Create a new tab location flush at the right margin of your page as type right-aligned. I know LO is lacking a simple way to set a tab at right margin, you must tell the distance from the left margin.

Click OK.

Back in your footer, insert the chapter name field, then press tab key and insert the page number field.

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Thank ajlittoz for your input. I tried to do this, but “New” field is grayed out. I am not sure why? Position has 3.46" and 6.93" ; Type centered ; Fill character is set to Null. But the New field is grayed out. I tried to create a new style based on footer, it is the same issue.

your mentioning of the ‘Tab’ made me wonder of using Tables in footer. so I created table with grayed out lines with 2 fields with 2nd field as page nbr field 3 character size( i dont expect nbr of pages wont more than 3 characters). Only problem is I dont know how to right align the text in 2nd field. There should be a way I am not able to figure out. Appreciate your input

New in Tabs tab is grayed out until you type a position different from the already existing one. 3.46" and 6.93" are default positions corresponding to mid-width and right margin.

Tables in header/footer allow you very sophisticated layouts but are fitted rather for technical docs where you mention doc revision, author, ids, … Every cell in a table contains at leat one paragraph. Set then this paragraph alignment to left, center, right.

Nice! It works. Appreciate you input. Thank you

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