Writer: Frame (& other object) anchors: no way to lock anchor char/para/page

LO Writer Win10 Pro x64
When interactively positioning a text frame (or any other similar Writer object) that uses the anchor metaphor, in mode anchor to paragraph, the anchor is not sticky - it autonomously changes its paragraph association if the user drags the vertical placement of the object by some ill-defined amount. This is similar to the MS Word behavior of an unlocked anchor, however, MS Word offers an ‘anchor lock’ behavior. The Word user must take an extra step to lock an anchor but once locked the use can repeatedly drag or re-size the associated object experimenting for desired presentation without concern that the anchor will autonomously jump around un-noticed and associate with a different, un-desired paragraph. I have experimented with Frame_Properties.Type Position and Anchor elements with no success in achieving stickyness. A Frame can be vertically positioned seemly without wandering anchor by using the Frame_Properties.Type.Position UI elements and changing the Vertical ‘From top’ distance value explicitly but then what is the point of a drag-n-drop GUI?

Q: Does LO Writer offer sticky anchor behavior (sticky against vertical dragging of the object)? If so, how to invoke?

There’s no solution for that as far as I know. There’s also a lot of discussions of this problem, like The-mysteries-of-positioning-pictures-in-LibreOffice-OpenOffice or Locking anchors for frames and graphics on the AOO community forum.

I suppose that the GUI is for eyeballing the position of the frame and that you then use the frame options dialog to finetune the co-ordinates and the other properties.