Writer freezes after pasting images from the internet

I know that this is a duplicate question, but the original question was bad, and the solution there “I insert images from files” is NOT a kind a solution for me, I copy and paste images from the web the most of the time, and with LO I’m not able to do this with efficiency…

This faulty software freezes every time I paste an image from the internet, for example wikipedia. It seems that Writer worries most for downloading and I don’t know what else does, than allowing the user to continue working, because it freezes, and stops responding, every window (instance) I have open.

So 1) I copy an image from wikipedia
2) Paste to Writer document
3) It hangs about 3 or 5 minutes
4) I want to manipulate the image and another hang up.
5) So I go to Edit> Links to unlink the image once for all, but It hangs just after I press “Unlink” button.

So, it is uterly inefficient to do my work with this software… It is workaround or something I can do to avoid this nasty issue?

What is the special paste? What’s the difference with the “normal” paste? Why two paste functions? It is useful to have two paste functions, one that sucks and one that don’t?

I had first LibreOffice from Debian Stable packages 3.5.4, had this errors, and then hoping that this will not annoy me anymore I downloaded and installed the newest version by today, and I still experience this issue.

One question: did your OS hangs as well while draging-droping a tiny image (1KB or less)?
Sorry, I can’t reproduce this problem on LO (not Windows but Ubuntu 12.04 LTS). Merely I can point out, that dragging image while holding Ctrl+Shift creates a link to an image and didn’t embeds it into document (Writer Guide, mentioned in the first answer).

No, my OS does not hang, I check the CPU consumption, is low, but LO is frozen; Windows hangs of course; the portable version I use on Windows… but in my main OS (Debian Wheezy) th whole OS doesn’t hang, just LO. Thank you for your time.

But I Want to EMBED the images I copy from the web I don’t want to link them, because that’s the problem, LO hangs with linked images NOT emdedded ones.

I don’t really have time to extensively test this, but it seems like there is a problem with Windows>Chrome>LibreOffice somehow. For more details plz see my answer below.

José Luis, I prefer no comment your inappropriate assertions, who is asking for help?


I am sorry, but if the sotware isn’t working as I except to… Is faulty, what other adjective deserves?

and yes, I’m asking for help, can I do something in order to get Writer to work without hanging all the time?

What’s inappropiate? My experience is inappropiate? becuase I’m not making any assertion. I will appreciate if you clarify this in order to edit my question to an appropiate one.

Thanks for your time.

I’m very sorry, but the link you gave to me does not cover the help I need

I have just copied and pasted several images from the web withiout any freezes. I am using the latest LO and Linux Mint 16. Using Firefox latest.

However, My workflow of choice is to Right Click the image and ‘Save Image As’. Then, ‘Insert/Picture/From File’ This ensures that I am not relying on links to display images etc. It takes longer to do, but gives me the opportunity to ensure the image is not unduly large by using my graphics package to resize if required. This makes for smaller documents overall - for me at least

Thank you for your time… I have to clarify how I copy images… Example this site: http://es.wikipedia.org/wiki/Relación_matemática

I select everything, then with keyboard Ctrl + C and then in Writer Ctrl + V, the text has images, the mathematic formula, the things that interest me, not the text, when I want to manipulate the text and the images, I select every thing dragging the mouse → hang up, I click on one image → hang up. in MS word I don’t have that problem.

Thank you for the link. I did exactly what you do. There was not a single pause or hang up for me. I tried it on 2 desktops and a laptop with the same results. No delay at all.
This would therefore appear to be a problem with your particular configuration. May I ask if you have loaded any extensions? or have any macro’s running?

Yes I have extensions… one is the Oxygen Office Gallery, another is Ahmath3D it draws cones, spheres in 3D on writer and the modern templates for Impress, I have another version of LO in Opensuse (the exact same version) with none of these extensions, and no hang-up

I suppose then it would be a good idea to remove all the extensions, reboot and see if hang up goes. If it does load one extension and repeat. If the hang up returns when the extension is added, remove it again to see if it goes. This might identify the issue enabling a bug report to be done.


We had a similar issue here. It seems when I pasted a “copied” image from a webpage, an URL link was created instead. So then Writer needs to verify this link when it is opened. If someone opens it without internet access the image won’t be available.

Try it again using CTRL-SHIFT-V (Paste Special)(or the paste special menu choice). When the dialog pops up, hopefully you will have an option for a bitmap image.

This should give you a graphic to work with and no URL Link.


I always suffer this slowness when pasting from Wikipedias printable article. I’m behind an http proxy. I fix this by setting manually the IP on LibreOffice proxy setup (Tools> Options> Internet > Proxy).
Maybe is related to bugs 50464 or 60415.

Using: LibreOffice 420m0(Build:2) and Linux 3.13.0-43-generic #72-Ubuntu 14.04 LTS x86_64.

I can confirm PabloAB’s answer. We are behind a proxy, with the OS (CentOS 7 desktop)
→ When : System Tools> Settings > Network > “The system network services are not compatible with this version.”
Looks like the wpad.dat script (with setting Autodetect proxy settings) did not work, and after changing the LibreOffice proxy setup, as PabloAB outlined, and selecting MANUAL proxy setup, with the proxy and port address filled out, the images are pasted without any further hangups in Writer !!

In my case it was with text pasted from web

3 scenarios:

  1. Windows 7 64-bit, Libre Office, Google Chrome 43.0.2357.81 m
  • Writer freezes. Saved and closed document during about 10-15 minutes period.
  • Upon reopening Writer freezes whenever I open the page containing pasted data.
  • After copying the file to Debian 3.2.68-1 x86_64 and opening in LibreOffice file appears to be fine and text is formatted exactly as it was on the web site.
  1. Windows 7 64-bit, Libre Office, FireFox 37.0.1
  • Writer pastes unformatted text, everything works fine, but as said before, text is unformatted
  1. Debian 3.2.68-1 x86_64, LibreOffice, IceWeasel 31.7.0
  • Everything works ok, but the text is unformatted.

Summary: It seems that the “Freezing combination” is Windows+Chrome+LibreOffice

P.S.: On the Windows LibreOffice there are NO plugins at all, it’s vanilla