Writer freezes system after copy/paste

Just installed a new version of Linux Mint on my computer, along with LibreOffice Every time I copy and paste more than a sentence or so in a LibreOffice Writer document, the cursor freezes (stops blinking) and the entire system freezes with it, requiring a nasty reboot. I never had this problem on my Lubuntu system. I hope someone can help. I can’t use the program for word processing any longer the way it is.

Sorry to hear that. Please try a newer version. If it happens all the same, please report the issue at bugs.documentfoundation.org, and revert to the last working version while this is being fixed.

I am using on windows 10 and writer freezes after using copy and paste constantly making unuseable!

This is not answer, but also a question. And you don’t say whether you reported this bug. If reproducible, it can help solving. If not, you may patiently wait for a solution and you a version that works OK.