Writer freezes :

Every time I want to use ‘‘writer’’ it freezes on me for long minutes at a time. I can be typing and if I stop to check on something, like email or data in calc, when I come back to writer its frozen. Its been doing this for the last 2 weeks at least. Never has a problem before. Been using LO for many years. Don’t have a new computer, I’m using Windows 10. Thank you.

Which LibreOffice version do you use?
In which file format do you save?
Is this the case for all documents, or only for one document?

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September 5

Which LIbreOffice version do you use?

You may have an offline printer.

Depending on your settings, Writer may query the printer to retrieve the list of supported page formats. If the printer is offline, Writer waits for a time-out before proceeding.

Go to Tools>Options, LibreOffice Writer>Print and untick Paper tray from printer settings in Other section.

Report here if freeze also happens with the other LO components (Calc, Impress, Draw, …), in which case some other setting should be adjusted. You can also check is this occurs with your online printer.

For better help, always mention LO version.

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