Writer hangs when scrolling in 3 page view

Dear community,
I wann’a post a problem that I come to regular in daily work now on my new device so may somebody has a fix for it:

What is the problem?
When scrolling a multi-page document fast (fast up- and down scrolling in standard 3-lines scrolling mode or also with turned-on fast scrolling mode on my logitech mouse) in multipage view with Zoom set to more then 2 pages writer freezes my whole system for about 60seconds, then it crashes and I can start it again.

What I’ve tried?
Using a newly created document with just text makes no difference. Also no difference when in fullscreen-mode oder window-mode.

What works?
When I just take the zoom to 2 pages all is fine, even in 119 pages testdocument with just text - maybe a bit of time for rendering bot does’t crash.

Scrolling should not crash a program

Info about system:
Beim schnellen S
Version: (x64) / LibreOffice Community
Build ID: c28ca90fd6e1a19e189fc16c05f8f8924961e12e
CPU threads: 16; OS: Windows 10.0 Build 22000; UI render: Skia/Vulkan; VCL: win
Locale: de-AT (de_AT); UI: de-DE
Calc: threaded

Maybe somebody knows how I can use the 3-pages plus view on my big monitor without crasing. Tahnks!

It sounds like a graphics issue. Click Tools - Options - LibreOffice - View and click Force Skia rendering and test for stability.

If it still freezes then go back to the same options and untick Use Skia for all rendering