Writer: How can I delete an entire page

I have a document template with the first page as letter-sized, and the second as a Comm-10 envelope. I want to have just the envelope as a separate template. So, I need to delete the first page in its entirety, leaving only the envelope page.


In Writer, the content is the primary entity that matters. Page format is just a property of content, and actual pages are created on-the-fly depending on content properties (like page breaks set in paragraph/table properties) and content amount. That’s unlike writing on paper, when you have a sheet, and only after that you start creating its content.

So, if you need to remove any page, you need to remove content that caused its creation. Assuming that you have just two (empty?) paragraphs in your template, each of them specifies a page break with page style, all you need to do is to delete first paragraph and check that the second retains its page style (that may change sometimes, so just apply required page style to page break again).

Thank you, Mike. That’s pretty much what I thought. When I remove the content, the letter-sized page remains until I remove all of it, and the envelope’s content flows up onto the page, leaving no second, envelope-sized page. I just started over with a single envelope page. Too bad you can’t remove pages or sections and leave everything else alone.

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