Writer: How can I synchronize scrolling between two documents

Many times I’m faced with having to compare similar documents and proof check them against format or changes between versions (of separate documents). Other office suites allow to view two different documents in parallel and synchronize scrolling between the two.

Is this possible in LO? would be nice to find out how!


Same question maybe in a different context

I did read that thread before, and found that the solution and the extension (translation table) don’t really deal with what I’m trying to do. That solution seems fine for translation purposes, but in my context I’m evaluating the format, images, styles, content… the whole shabang. And thus need a visual aid to pinpoint from large (similar) documents differences without going down to a binary check level (using diff for example). Thank you anyways for your comment and help.

I have also the same concern as yours and interested in a solution, but I’m afraid non exist except in the special case of checking two versions of the same document when File>Versions is enabled.