Writer: How do I make .doc the default save format

How do I make .doc the default save format? Every time I want to save a document it wants to save in some obscure format and I have to open a menu and find .doc and click it. I don’t want to have to do this every darn time.

Thank you.

There is something “obscure” in your question, but that’s not the open document file format, which TDF and Libre office supports!!

You can change the file format in “Tools - Options - Load/Save - General - Always save as”. Also see if you want to uncheck the box that says “Warn when not saving in ODF or default format”.

Just an experience based comment:

If you want to save always in doc-format, you must be aware that doc format does not support the ODF format fully. This means that some features of your Writer document can get lost. I had the same approach when I first started testing LibO. I quickly recognized that it is better to save my Writer files in odt. Almost always it is sufficient to send an pdf-file to another person and not a doc-file. If I am forced to send a doc-file. I only save it as such a one when my document is ready. A cross check on what got lost can be made using a Word reader which is to the best of my knowledge free.