Writer - How do I mark the first page as title page?

Hi all,

I was trying to hide the page number from the first page of the document. To do that I need to set the first page as ‘title page’. I am finding it difficult. How do I do that?

Menu/Format/Title page ?

edited 2016-09-08

Menu/Tools/Customize - [Toolbars], select the toolbar on which you like to add the button.


If I have the time, I will make a feature request about making the process of assigning page numbers a one-button action.I find it a bit upsetting that such a widely use function (page numbering after title page) is not obvious or easy to use at all. I always end up having to use google to find how to set page numbers, I can never remember the sequence of footers, fields, title pages…

That’s what templates are for. Save your succeeded file as a template (stripping all unnecessary content first) and you will never have to worry again.

that’s ok, but it is kind of brushing the problem under the carpet. One day you might find yourself on a place without internet and without your templates and then it would be harsh…