Writer: How do I receive word completion from beginning like in Android?

With an Android smartphone, I get word suggestions on the keyboard when typing text, including many that I have not previously entered. These words seem to come from a ‘living’ dictionary. Anyway, that is very helpful and time-saving.

How can I use an existing German dictionary in Writer as a template or a database for word supplements, NOT just for the current session (starting at zero), but basically. I would like to have words to choose from. It would be best, Writer would be able to learn new words and add them to the dictionary.

As I said, just like with the smartphone (Android 8.1 or 9). Is this possible or are you planning something?

Thank you!

Writer collect words from the open documents, but only from the open documents. The only way I know to “fill” the word completion table with words you selected is to put those words on a document and open it at the same time your other documents. Not elegant, but works.

Thank you for that reply. I already feared this. I really ask myself, why is that simply possible with Android and, attention please!, for all text operations, but not possible to at least import an existing dictionary as a basis for word completion? I am sure, this would help many handicapped people using computer also.

@auguste See this feature request: Bug 86872 - Word completion: Add ability to save word completion (aka “auto complete”) lists and re-use them

I read the linked page to bug 86872 and I simply agree to Sophie Freud’s comment: “@Robinson Tryon: this workaround is very, very cumbersome. Word Completion makes much more sense if the collection and the preservation of words works automatically”.
This is really not a good message for Android text handling users and handicapped LO users also. So sad and incomprehensible.
Anyway, thanks for your replies…