[writer] How to avoid Hyperlinks in exported pdf displaid with a red border?

I am writing a paper in LibreOffice writer. The paper has quite some Hyperlinks (mainly internal).
Being obligated to submit the paper as pdf I am facing the issue that those hyperlinks appear with a read border around them inside the pdf (which is not intended).


How Can I avoid this?

I saw something similar once, and it was a PDF viewer setup issue, not LibreOffice.

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you may be up to something here. I have this in Firefox, but not in evince apparently. The recipients will most probably watch this on a Windows machine whatever pdfReader at hand. So it seems it’s outside my control?

If it’s a PDF viewer issue, you can just point it out to the user with a note that it’s just not a bug in the document :-(.

they’ll most likely will be using Acrobat Reader and it does not seem to be an issue there. tx

Given that you are using underscores in the text of the hyperlink, you should give consideration to changing the Internet Link character style to remove the single underline. Cheers, Al

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