[Writer] How to change cell borders style of all the tables at once?

I need to change the thickness and color of all the borders of all the tables of a document at once. Is it possible ?

I have tried selecting a cell and then editing the Table Contents style. It adds more borders inside the already existing cell… I can’t seem to find the correct style to edit.

No, it’s not possible, sorry. Table borders are different from paragraph style borders and that’s why when you add a border to the paragraph style you get nested borders.

As Regina says on a different thread table styles are far from being complete. Maybe someone with enough expertise will be able to write a macro that goes from table to table changing its properties, but I thinks this is one of those cases on which an automated solution will take more effort than old school manual work.

So, grab some coffee :frowning:

Thanks, I’m suprised LibreOffice can’t do that… I will follow your advice and grab some coffee :wink: