Writer: How to Completely Eliminate Red Triangles?

I’m running LO on Windows 10. I want my version of Writer to default all tables to wrap-around text within cells, entirely eliminating red triangles in any document created with my copy of Writer. How do I do that? There does not appear to be a relevant Option choice. What can be done? The change I want to effect would essentially in this instance (and in this instance alone) revert my copy of Writer to circa 2016 or so.

I can’t reproduce the case here (Fedora 33, LO Table>Properties, Text Flow tab, is Allow table/row to split across pages and columns checked or unchecked?

This should only occur if your tables (cells/rows) are formatted like

(rightclick to get the context menu)>Size>Row Height...>>Fit to Size disabled`  

Newly created tables should always have that option enabled. If this is not the case for you, I would suspect your user profile to be corrupted.

You are correct! I thank you very much. My version has “Fit to Size” with an empty check box rather than a statement that “Fit to Size” is disabled. Are you saying that most people see a check box with a check in it when they access the context menu? If so, how would the profile interact with Writer to force blank check boxes in this situation?

I always found Fit to Size enabled by default, but I have some tables for special reasons (Fitted into frames e.g.) with different setting.